Urdu Poetry Sms

Urdu Poetry SMS is short form of poetry in roman English, It is now a part and partial of our society. Every man or women have a cell or mobile phone received  hundred of SMS daily on Urdu Poetry, even friends exchanges the Urdu poetry via sms. There are many types of SMS poetry like romantic urdu poetry, urdu poetry sms collection, sad urdu poetry sms, romantic urdu poetry sms, urdu poetry sms faraz, urdu poetry sms text messages, urdu poetry sms messages, funny urdu poetry sms on daily different political issues which are happened in our daily life.
There are many sms jokes which are shared by young youth and enjoy it. From school to college and college to university every student have a cell phone and they exchange beautiful funny or poetry sms to their friends or love one.
SMS not only used by youngsters even all age of people used different SMS like jokes, funny, religious, politics, almost all sort of life.Different Cell companies also offered different SMS packages with very low rates so everyone want to use these SMS and prefer to sms to call .

Here are some Urdu Poetry SMS
Bari tabdeliyan ayi hain apne aap me lakin
Tumhen bas yad kerny ki wo adat ab b baqi ha

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