Urdu Poetry sms quotes

There are many best urdu poetry sms quotes which are used daily life in almost all the countries of the world.

” Main achay waqt se zyada acha dosty azeez rakhta hon! Q K, acha Dost acha waqt paida kr skta hy, Magar acha waqt acha Dost nahi” By Sheikh SAADI

Duniya men behtreen rishta wohi ha jahan aik mamooli so “MUSKARAHT” or Halki  si “SORRY” sa zindgi bobara pehele jesi ho jati ha !!

“HOPE  is one of ALLAH’S greatest gifts to all of us because its the magic that inspires us to keep trying, learning, loving, and living”

You can win life by all means, if you avoid just two things in life !
Comparing with others
Expecting from others

“Success” never depends on the size of our “BRAIN”
it always depends on the size of our “THOUGHTS” 

The Best Pair in the  World is Smile and Tears…
They are not seen together,
When they are together it is the best moment of life !

Build 3 factories in your life,
1. Ice factory in Brain
2. Sugar factory in Tongue
3. Love factory in Heart
Then see your Life will be ” Satis-Factory”  

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