Types of Poetry

There are many types of Poetry some are the first one is
Hamd or Hammad (حمد) is basically a poem in praise of ALLAH (GOD). The word “Hamd or Hammad ” is derived from the Quran Majeed which means ‘Praise of GOD’, There are many poet who wrote Hamad in Urdu.

The Second one is Naat  (نعت‎) is a poetry that specifically praises the Our  Last Prophet Hazarat Mohammad (S.A.W.W) like Hamd there are many poet who wrote Naat Shareef.

The third one is Nazm or Nazam which is also an important part of Urdu poetry. There are many famous poets who wrote Nazm which includes Allama Iqbal, Nazeer Akarabadi, Josh, Faiz, Firaq, Akhtarul Iman, Noon Meem Rashid, Ali Sardar Jafri and Kaifi Azmi.

Most of the Nazm are based on National as well as international issues and in some Nazm are diffrent common issues. There are other who wrote sonnets were Akhtar Junagarhi, Azmatullah Khan, Akhtar Sheerani, Mehr Lal Soni Zia Fatehabadi, Noon Meem Rashid, Wazir Agha. Salaam Machhalishahari and other poets.Akhtar Junagarhi was considered the first poet who introduced the urdu literature.

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