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Everyday there are many SMS generated by different friends, relatives and family members. These SMS are related to latest political situation, general information, latest poetry, latest sms. Islamic SMS, quotations, poems , and 2 line poetry and funny SMS.

“Always be sensitive about People’s feelings…
Because soe time tears means hapiness and smile means Pain…” 

“Kisi na mujay aala-zarf to kisi na mujhy kam-zarf jana,

Magar haqeqat to ya ha k, Jis ka jitna zarf tha us na utna jana

Ebrahum Lincon
“If someone points out your mistake, Be happy that atleast some one is there,
who is interested in your betterment”


Always look for “What” is Wrong,
Before You look for “WHO” is wrong
Keep relations safe & strong

“Trusting someone second time is like giving that person another bullet to shoot you
because he missed the first time”

Never decide about a person by his past status,
Because Time has great power to change a useless coal into a valuable diamond

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