Islamic SMS

There are many Islamic sms in urdu which used Urdu poetry in daily life. Allama Iqbal is one of the urdu poet who described Quran Majeed Ayat in Urdu Poetry. You can send urdu poetry sms to mobile free.

Husn-e-Kirdar sa Noor-e-Mujasam ho ja ah Momin

K Iblees b tujhay dekhay to Musalman ho jay
(Allama Iqbal) 

Allah is always with you when
you are happy, HE is AL-REHMAN
you are hungry, HE is AL-RAZZAQ
you call HIM, HE is AL-SAMI
you are unsafe. HE is AL-HAFEEZ
you are honored, HE is AL-MOIZ
you are jobless, HE is AL-MOQEET
you pray, HE is AL-MUJEEB
you are upset, HE is AL-WAKEEL
you go astray, HE is AL-HADI
you are gifted, HE is AL-KAREEM
you are forgiven, HE is AL-GHAFOOR
you are hopeless. HE is AL-NOOR
 you are sinner, HE is AL-TAWWAB
you thanks HIM , HE is AL-SHAKOOR

Four (4) Steps of Great Life
One: Look back and Thanks ALLAH
Two: Look forward & trust  ALLAH

Three: Look around & believe ALLAH
Four: Look in your heart & find ALLAH


“Har ik sajda maqbool-e-Khuda hojay,
Aapki Duaon ka sang RAB ki raza ho jay,
Mile aaj aapko wo khushi ka,
Hazaron saal tak ghum aap se khafa ho jay” 

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