Funny SMS Urdu poetry

There are many poet who wrote funny urdu poetry, these funny poetry are used not in Mushara but commonly used in daily life in entire world, especially Indo-Pak sub-continent. Anwer Masood is known as best funny urdu poetry writer and some in Ahmad Faraz even now a days people   create funny poetry sms by himself.

Funny SMS
Karney ka baad or mobile lany ke baad ek hi baat ka afsoos hota ha….
Thori dair or ruk jata to acha MODEL mil jata.

All husbands are like Bluetooth
Always connected when wife is around But the moment wife is away they automatically start searching for new devices 

4 things 
4 Cheezain jab Khatam ho jati han to boot takleef hoti ha

1. Mohabbat
2. Rishta
3. Aetabar or Naswar


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